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If you are not the Primary user of the Portal for the club (Club Secretary),
you can request individual login privileges from your Club Secretary.

About the Portal

The federation portal allows instant access for member Clubs, to the latest approved Judge and Lecturer Lists.

All federation competitions can be easily entered by using the portal's competition entry system.

Approved Judges can log in and update their status and contact details.

Listed Lecturers can log in and update or add lectures and change their status and contact details.

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The whole site is a single page so navigation is fast and easy.

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Privacy Policy

Data Protection & Privacy Policy (Version 1. Date 19-04-2018. Approved 12-05-2018)
The Yorkshire Photographic Union (The YPU) is established with the objects set out in its Constitution, to serve the interests of its Member Clubs. The YPU is a data controller within the UK.
The personal information referred to in this Policy may include names, distinctions, contact details, affiliations, service records, records of entries to events, financial transactions and other such information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of the YPU.
Any person wishing to verify the information held by the YPU, or who can correct or update that information accordingly, may apply to the General Secretary of the YPU.

The YPU collects and uses personal information for several purposes:
1. The YPU Portal (Online directory and Management tool).
The YPU Portal includes contact information about the members of its own Executive, and those volunteering their services such as Judges and Lecturers.
The Portal also includes contact information for its member clubs, including, but not limited to, the Club Secretary, President or Chairman, Treasurer, Portfolio Contact, Competition Secretary, Delegates and Emergency Contacts.
The Portal also includes an archive record of the names and contact details of those awarded and recognised by the YPU. These include Past Presidents and Roll of Honour Members.
The Portal holds basic contact information and payment transaction records of individuals who have requested and purchased YPU event tickets.
The Portal is available to Member Clubs and their members, and to those whose contact details are included. Access is controlled and restricted by login account and password.
The contact details of YPU officials allocated to provide particular services may be published generally (see YPU General Public Website).
The use of this contact information, to send out circular emails regarding YPU business, is limited to the federation executive members only. Email distribution lists are maintained for executive members, club secretaries, treasurers, presidents, delegates, judges, lecturers, past presidents and roll of honour members.

2. YPU Events
Authors, as the creators of photographic images, enter YPU events either directly or via their Club. All Entries are made via the YPU Portal.
This information can include, but is not limited to the Author’s Name, Contact Details, Image Titles, Digital Images (including metadata), Scores, Awards and other information required to manage competition events.
This information is held on the Portal and managed subject to the General Conditions for YPU Competition Events.
Emails may be sent to authors regarding YPU event results and other event notifications specific to that author.

3. PAGB Events and PAGB Handbook
Information held on the portal, collected from YPU events, is used to enter PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) Events. This information contains, but is not limited to, Club Details, Authors Names, Image Titles and Digital Images (including their metadata).
Information held on the Portal, not limited to, Names and Contact Information, collected from Judges, Lecturers and Executive Members, is provided to the PAGB to be published in their Biennial Handbook. This information is handled and processed by the PAGB under their own Data Policy.

4. YPU General Public Website.
The general public website may publish contact details for members of the YPU Executive committee.
The general public website may publish primary contact details for its member Clubs, such as, but not limited to, general contact information and/or the contact details for their general secretary.

5. General Business
The YPU may hold personal information for anyone contacting the YPU, or whom the YPU contacts for the purpose of conducting its general business.
This information is used to satisfy a requested service or a contractual requirement.

Data Retention.
1. General business records will normally be held for a minimum of ten years.
2. The YPU may retain historical archives indefinitely, for example but not limited to, records of meetings, handbooks, catalogues, competition results, scores, awards, digital images and other event results.

Policy Audit
Data Security, Collection and Storage facilities are audited on an annual basis.
Working ...